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Fpv250 V4 Green Ghost Edicion Led Night Flyer Quadcoptero Fpv Verde Kit


Introducing the  FPV250 Ghost V4 edition quad copter, a mini sized quad copter with big FPV and night flying fun capability. 

The FPV250 is a mini sized FPV quad copter measuring in at a mere 250mm. This durable, inexpensive FPV multi-rotor platform is perfect for FPV racing or obstacle course flying and at your local field, and now with the full arm length upper facing LEDs that light the translucent frame and props for orientation and the ultra-bright down facing white LEDs making the entire frame glow in the night sky and even more visible in the day. The Included center power distribution board also has a built in 5V UBEC system for aux component use.

The one-piece frame is extremely durable, giving you the confidence to go FPV barnstorming and yet only weighs 110 grams. The front platform is designed to handle up to a 2 servo pan and tilt camera setup and the rear platform supports the video transmitter, to keep it all nice and balanced. The FPV250 has a center bay large enough for most popular flight controllers and includes a top crash cage for protection. There are four integrated strap slots on the bottom to securely hold the battery in place for high G maneuvering. The FPV250 motor mounts can handle anything from a 1506 to 2208 motor and the vented arms provide plenty of cooling for your 7~12A ESCs. 

The  FPV250 is a budget minded FPV basher, ready for daredevil obstacles or Spec ClassFPV racing and now night flight fun. It’s time to start practicing your FPV skills, race season is getting ready to start!

Ultra bright full arm length frame mounted LEDs
All clear frame that grabs the LED lights and glows
included clear propeller that illuminate with the upper facing LEDs
• Built in 5V UBEC and PDB
• One piece construction for durability
• Large 55x55mm cage protected flight controller bay
• Mounting Support for a 2 servo pan and tilt camera and video transmitter
• Wide range of motor and power options
• Removable landing gear
• Included Clear 5030 prop set

Wheelbase: 250mm
Weight: 110g
Height: 106mm with landing gear and center cage  

4 x Motors 1506~2208
1 x Battery 800~1300mah 7.4~11.1V (2 or 3 cells Lipoly)
4 x ESC’s 7~12A
1 x multi-rotor Flight controller
4ch radio (6ch recommended for FPV and FC use)
FPV gear (optional)


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FPV250 V4 Green Ghost Edicion LED Night Flyer Quadcoptero FPV verde Kit

  • Código de Producto: HPK366000034-0
  • Existencia: Disponible
  • 499.50 m.n.

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