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Modelo: Jandra Tangzong - HPK267000004-0

Ac-10 Autogiro 1320mm Pnf


For those of you looking for a new flying experience, the AC-10 Gyrocopter is just the ticket. This model will be especially appealing to those who fly both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, as this model falls somewhere in between. With its very unique flight characteristics, the AC-10 is by far one of the most interesting models we have ever flown. Modeled as a stand off scale model, intended to look like many of the full scale home built gyro copters, the AC-10 has a host of details typically not seen in a foamie, plug and fly model.

The exterior airframe is of molded EPO foam, but remove the large canopy and you will find a nice laser cut plywood and aluminum frame which supports the motor, tail boom, landing gear and the CNC aluminum alloy rotor head. That nice ball bearing supported rotor head spins flat bottom carbon fiber rotor blades! Metal gear servos with nice alloy arms control the two axis rotor head. To get the weight balance correctly, the motor is mounted up front and drives a long ball bearing supported shaft to the aft mounted pusher propeller. Adding to the quality of the model is the two stage paint process the foam parts go through. They are color painted, decals applied, and then a clear coat is put over the entire part to seal the decals for better longevity.

Check out the AC-10 Gyrocopter if you are looking for something completely different!

• Plug and fly - just install battery and radio with elevon mixing
EPO foam exterior with rugged plywood and aluminum under structure
• 2 axis CNC aluminum alloy ball bearing supported rotor head
• Flat bottom molded carbon fiber rotor blades
• Detailed instruction manual included
• Heavy duty metal gear servos with alloy control arms
• Steerable nose wheel and active rudder
• Unique Flying Experience

Rotor Diameter: 1320mm
Length: 940mm
Height: 690mm
Weight: 2200g
Motor: 4250 Outrunner
ESC: 60A
Max Battery Dimensions: 140x43x30mm

4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver w/ Elevon Mixing
4S 14.8V 3000~3300mAh Lipoly battery


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AC-10 Autogiro 1320mm PNF

  • Código de Producto: HPK267000004-0
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