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Modelo: ASP - HPKHK500GT

Hk-500gt Helicoptero 3d Electrico Kit Incluye Aspas Y Extras


The high performance HK-500GT is 3D flight ready.
99% of parts are compatible with the Align T-rex 500
Much bigger than its smaller 450 brother, the 500GT is an exciting helicopter to see in action and even more exciting to fly. Its 2024 alloy head ensures hard core 3D pilots wont be dissapointed in the performance and the beautifully painted cowl and Titanium anodized components make this a visually stunning helicopter with performance to back it up!
You wont find unecissary or poorly fitting bling alloy components on this heli. Alot of thought has been put into the production of this machine as seen by the FRN* tail which uses alloy only where its needed; in the arms and partially hidden belt pulley making it lighter with no sacrifice in strength; proving the helis no-bling all-performance attitude.
All parts are 100% compatible with T-Rex 500
Included are main and tail blades & Carbon Fiber boom supports.
Click here for parts and upgrades.
We guarantee you wont find a better priced heli of this quality anywhere!
Light weight design provides awesome flight performance and extreme 3D capability.
Rotor head/tail with thrust bearings.
Direct-to-swash CCPM linkage.
Center of gravity of battery tray designed close to the rotor head.
High efficiency belt driven tail.
Fully driven tail auto rotation system.
Tail servo boom mount.
Carbon Fibre boom support rods.
High rigidity 2024 alloy main frame.
Length: 840mm
Height: 310mm
Main rotor diameter: 970mm
Tail rotor diameter: 200mm
Motor pinion gear: 13T
Main drive gear: 162T
Tail drive gear: 31T
Drive gear ratio: 1:12.46:4.68
Weight(without power system): 1370g
Flying weight: Approx 1700g
Required items.
Brushless Outrunner Motor
Servos : See linked items below.
Radio Gear : Gyro/Rx
ESC : 80A or greater.
Battery: 2 x 2200mAh 3S 20C or greater.
*FRN Fibre Reinforced Nylon
25% lighter than billet alloy and composed of 30% Carbon and Aramid fibers mixed with Nylon. This provides strength (modulus of elasticity)  where standard plastics and 2017 alloys would bend.


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HK-500gT Helicoptero 3D Electrico Kit incluye Aspas y Extras

  • Código de Producto: HPKHK500GT
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  • 2,699.36 m.n.

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